My Repertoire

My repertoire consists of Western and Ukrainian classics as well as ethnic and authentic pieces dating back back to the baroque period. Bohdan plays on both the Chernihiv and Kharkiv style Bandura, especially with a notable selection of pieces for the Kharkiv Bandura from composers such as Hnat Khotkevych, Zinoviy Shtokalko, Leonid Haydamaka, the Honcharenko brothers and Victor Mishalow.

Upcoming Albums

Bohdan Shutka on the Bandura

Music has always been so much more than just what’s in the notes. Growing up in emigration and constantly being in contact with different cultures and peoples, music has served a communicative purpose in our home – bringing people together. With the Bandura I was furthermore able to showcase my native culture and keep a contact with my homeland, no matter wherever I was at the moment. With this CD I hope to introduce you to the music of my homeland, from the Carpathian Mountains to the Black Sea Steppes and even go beyond its borders with western composers.

My upcoming album feating a variety of western und Ukrainian classical and folk pieces will be released early December 2019. A total of ten pieces will take you on a musical journey throughout Ukraine and Ukrainian music in the Diaspora. The total cost for the CD is 15 USD/EUR and can be shipped to you. Preorder your copy by sending me an email at with your name, desired amount of copies and shipping address or alternatively at my GoFundMe page.

Більшу частину свого життя я провів поза Україною, в еміграції. У нашому домі музика завжди відігравала важливу роль. Вона єднала нас з батьківщиною, давала змогу спілкуватися зі сусідами, коли ми ще не знали чужої мови, допомагала показати скарби української культури. Мета цього запису – повести вас у музичну подорож, познайомити зі всім багатством цього унікального інструменту – Бандури.

Sound Engineer: Lukas Fellner; Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at KiwiSound KG in Vienna, Austria in Fall of 2019. Made in Ukraine, Graphics: Vasyl Krychevsky; Photography: Markus Morianz; Design: Liubov Plavska; General Assistance: Volodymyr Voyt. 

Recording Samples

Echo of the Steppes

Composed by Hryhoryi Kytasty.

If I had those Shoes

Ukrainian folk song, arranged for Bandura by Kostyantyn Myaskov.

Song Without Words

Composed by Felix Mendelsohn, Opus 30 #9.

Album Sheet

Composed by Myroslav Skoryk.


Composed by Georg Friedrich Händel.